Hecatomb World Tour


Video performance for Audion‘s world tour ‘Hecatomb’ in 2009.

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Shot and edited by David Terranova.
Shot and edited by Shai Levy, with additional Footage from Will Calcutt.
Youtube from Justqualitymusic. For more videos check Youtube and Vimeo.
All Photography ©  Will Calcutt.

Barcelona, Club 4, Sonar
Berghain, Berlin
Womb, Tokyo
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The performance setup consisted of several discs that acted as kinetic light objects and a custom made video synthesizer. A new arrangement of the discs was found for each performance/venue.

Thanks to
Martin Zeplichal
Rainer Kohlberger
Andreas Fischer
for contributions and great tour support!

Thanks to Will Calcutt for support and all photography.

Some past tour dates:
June 18, 2009 Barcelona, Spain, Club 4
June 26, 2009 Berlin, Germany, Berghain
June 27, 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Awakenings Festival
July 3, 2009 Offenbach, Germany, Robert Johnson
July 4, 2009 Valencia, Spain, Barraca
July 16, 2009 Dour, Belgium, Dour Festival
July 17, 2009 Lisbon, Portugal, Lux Fragil
July 31, 2009 Munich, Germany, Rote Sonne
August 1, 2009 London, England, Field Day Festival
August 6, 2009 Ibiza, Spain, Monza at Privilege
August 7, 2009 Barcelona, Spain, Bugged Out at The Loft
August 8, 2009 Zurich, Switzerland, Moving City / Street Parade
August 14, 2009 Oporto, Portugal, Antipop Festival
August 23, 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Lowlands Festival
August 28, 2009 Glasgow, UK, Pressure at the Arches
August 29, 2009 London, UK, Fabric
September 11, 2009 Melbourne, Australia, The Likes of You
September 12, 2009 Sydney, Australia, The Likes of You
September 13, 2009 Perth, Australia, Geisha
September 18, 2009 Wellington, New Zealand, Sandwiches
September 19, 2009 Auckland, New Zealand, Space
September 25, 2009 Tokyo, Japan, Womb
September 26, 2009 Osaka, Japan, Onzieme
November 06, San Francisco, CA @ MIGHTY
November 07, Los Angeles, CA @ AVALON HOLLYWOOD
November 12, Montreal, QC @ KARMA
November 14, Vancouver, BC @ LOTUS SOUND LOUNGE
November 19, Washington, DC @ MUSE
November 20, Chicago, IL @ SMART BAR
November 21, Toronto, ON @ FOOTWORK
November 28, New York, NY @ LE POISSON ROUGE